1. There shall be no voice classification divisions (e.g., soprano, alto, tenor, bass), thus all ​competitors will compete for only one set of prizes.

2. The Competitor must prepare a list of songs, herein called the SUBMITTED REPERTOIRE ​including the following:
​a. Two (2) Arias from Opera, Operetta, Oratorio and/or Cantata, in the original language ​​​​and key, and in contrasting styles.
​- For operas translated and reworked by, or with the composer himself (as in ​​​some works of Rossini and Donizetti), the competitor may choose in ​​​which ​language to perform.
​- Arias must be sung with recitative and/or cabaletta/cavatina, IF PRESENT.
​- Filipino arias may be included.

​ b. Three (3) Art Songs in at least 2 different languages: Italian, French, Spanish, ​​​​German, or English sung in original language. Transposition is allowed

​c. Two (2) Songs by a Filipino Composer
​- Art Songs, including Kundiman, Kumintang, and the like; and/or Transcription of ​​Folk Songs for Solo Voice and Piano
​- At least One (1) song should be in a Filipino language.
​- 2nd song may be in any language (Filipino or foreign) to which the
​​​music was set.

​ d. Obligatory piece (To be announced after the Video Elimination)

​Any three (3) songs from the Submitted Repertoire, including one (1) Aria

​Any three (3) songs from the Submitted Repertoire, one of which must not have been ​​​sung in the previous round

​15-20 minute Program (from the Submitted Repertoire) including the Obligatory piece

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